Who are we?

SolaRobot Cleaner is a new product by Saraf Engineering, managed by Moishik Saraf. Saraf Engineering deals with mechanical design, system design, project management, assembly and integration.


The SolaRobot was designed since May, 2012. Prototype test-runs began in July 2012. Since then, improvements in hardware and programming have been implemented to improve the system’s performance and reliability.


We mainly deal with design, manufacturing, and building the system. SolaRobot Cleaner can be adapted to an existing solar system, or designed and installed in coordination with new solar system installation. Cleaning frequency can be calibrated to maximize profit.


Service and warranty

  • Visit at the solar system site to assess SolaRobot Cleaner compatibility with existing PV system or with new installation.
  • Design and fit SolaRobot to an existing solar system
  • SolaRobot installation and startup
  • Two year warranty
  • Obligated to provide high quality cleaning
  • Maintenance and repair service